Estate Sales

Moving, or settling an estate, need not be an unsettling experience!


The attention to detail begins immediately.  Every sale is different as are our client’s needs. At our first meeting we will carefully evaluate every aspect of the project.  We work with you to determine time frames, bidding procedure, crowd control and final deposition of all items.  This is the time we negotiate fees, usually based on a percentage of the gross sale.  We offer a variety of services to make this procedure go smoothly as possible. It can be as simple as you walking out the door and leaving All of the details to us, including cleaning out the refrigerator!  Our services have been described by clients as “too good to be true”.

The key to a successful sale is a well organized, professional staff. Peggy Grubbs and Associates completely organizes the sale site, be it the home or elsewhere.  All items are attractively displayed.  Fair market value, based on years of experience is placed on every object.

Our sales are well advertised in local papers, on Craig’s list and our Website.  We find this type of advertising always draws a large buying crowd.  In addition, our email lists alert customers to coming sales and also to particular items of interest to them.

At the start of a large sale, customers are issued a number and welcomed into the sale in small groups.  They are encouraged to take as much time as needed to make their selections.  Every area of the sale is supervised by a trained salesperson.  When they have made their final selection, all items are brought to the cashier for payment.  We accept cash, checks with proper identification, and Visa, Mastercard and American Express for large purchases.  We provide personnel to assist with the removal of large items.

People are encouraged to leave written bids on items if they are unwilling to want to pay our initial prices.  All bids are examined near the end of the sale and are accepted or rejected. 

We completely empty the home.  Professional cleaning can be arranged so the house is available for immediate sale or occupancy.

We deliver both a check and the original sales sheets to you within 10 working days of the sale.

We handle every sale with the goal of the highest possible return for the client.

When you know what to expect well in advance, there will be no surprises at the end of the sale.


When working with Peggy Grubbs and Associates you can be assured that your sale will be organized and conducted with our motto in mind: Complete, comprehensive and careful!

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